About us:

Gastronomy has become fashionable and it has been working as a tourist and cultural attraction. It’s essential to promote it as a premium product, being the image the differentiating element for professionals and general public!

XPEPPER brand was created to support companies involved in the Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant sectors in designing and optimizing their new uniforms and image!

Our mission is to provide all our customers with modern, innovative and good-quality products, at competitive prices, and with services of the highest quality (customized, reliable and fast).

We are the perfect solution for what you need. We pay attention to the market needs and we seek to develop original, functional and resistant garments, in order to satisfy the most demanding  professionals.


XPEPPER works with every type of foodservice business regardless of its size – hotels, restaurants, canteens, culinary schools, catering companies, foodservice events, both in Portugal and abroad.

Customized Service

Our uniforms are designed and manufactured having regard to the interests and tastes of our customers, with the logo colours, with the different sizes available, differentiating products and making them exclusive.

If the client wishes, we can include embroidery and prints in the textile articles, using modern textile technology, in order to carry out the finishing operation with the highest quality and durability.


Our goal is to place us at the forefront of this industry. We combine contemporary and creative design, technical and artistic innovation, and functional properties, demanded by top professionals, among which: resistance, durability and comfort.

Sophistication and versatility

We have available flexibility and a variety of solutions.

We combine esthetics concerns to the garment conception and design. Our designers develop a current and professional image to keep our clients satisfied.

Quality raw materials

All raw materials and fabrics used are of high-quality, environmentally friendly and undergo a strict and continuous quality control.